What can you expect? Tough to useless articles and lifestyle to snacks plus as a bonus nonsense to laugh and cry articles.

Please allow me to introduce myself, my name is Johnnathan, founder of Joan vale (abbreviation name). I am an enthusiastic, creative and adventurous person. I love creating storyline(s) and sharing them with other story creators and interested parties. “Make your voice heard” is my motto.
Planning is not my strong suit. I have a great passion for travelling; not aimed at holiday travel, but specifically at discovering different cultures. Simply put, where a tourist turns left, I turn right.
What is your storyline?

Joan vale was founded in March 2023. On my blog I share my passion for lifestyle and travel. I fully focus on discovering cultures, traditions and customs. With a simple preparation I pack my bags and board the plane. My goal is to gain people’s trust. I make short-lived friendships and participate in cultural activities, how will I do? You can see all that on my blog and YouTube channel.

In the world we live in now, more is possible than we think. Dreaming is beautiful, but making dreams come true is a spectacle and an unforgettable adventure. Let’s chase our passion together and share it with each other! We are doers!